Saving Face or Saving the Planet?

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I’ve written before about the issues surrounding our near-limitless demand for palm oil. So you might expect I’d be applauding Iceland for promising to cut palm oil from their own-brand products from 2019 onwards – the kind of self-imposed deadline most campaigners can only dream of. And you might think I’d be up in arms about the ban that has stopped their beautiful and heartbreaking advert from reaching millions. And you’d be partly, but not completely, right. 

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Featured image is copyright of Claire Asher, Curiosity Photographic.

One comment on “Saving Face or Saving the Planet?

  1. A couple of points that no one seems to talk about. A reason that palm oil is used to begin with in numerous products ranging from shampoo to chocolate is that palm oil improves certain products. Helps chocolate from melting and veg spreads solid at room temps. Any way with a little research one can see that many products have the addition of palm oil out of convenience not necessity. With regards to labeling It seems very dirty or shows the mentality of those writers of food labels that can’t simply write Palm Oil. There are reports that palm oil has numerous “alias’s” or numerous names based on who knows what. So if true is having so many names for palm oil as an ingredient to fool the consumer? Global deforestation is way too important an issue to humanities future whatever the reason to have so many names for palm oil which is to blame for causing deforestation. It seems companies are using what they can to have an edge at a time when farming practices are out of control.

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