Eating Insects

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What if I told you I’d found an edible source of protein that is cheap and easy to rear in captivity, releases fewer greenhouse gases in the process and yields a versatile, healthy food containing many of the vitamins and minerals we might usually obtain from meat?

If I then told you that potential food source was insects, you’d probably be disgusted. If you grew up in the Western world, that is. For nearly 2 billion people, insects are already on the dinner plate, and have been for centuries. Yet for some reason, in Western cultures insects are often considered less than palatable. If we could somehow shift this perception, however, we could change the world.

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6 comments on “Eating Insects

  1. Claire so enjoyed reading this – have just started farming crickets in Thailand and this article has given me some great ammunition to persuade the students and staff to start eating them (Just the Westerner staff – the Thai staff don’t need any encouragement!).

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  3. Hi Claire! Really liked your article. I’m actually researching some aspects of entomophagy and related businesses starting up in the UK now. I was really interested by the table comparing cattle, tofu and insects and the cost of producing them. Could you possibly tell me where you found that info? Would love to read more about the study. Thanks!

  4. Hi Claire , I’m really injoyed reading your article, keep going!!
    I have a question
    In line 22 what did you mean by THIS ?

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