February Editorial

Greetings from snowy London!

Over the last month I’ve been working on some really cool articles for Curious Meerkat – one I’d hoped to publish before the end of Feb but you’ll have to wait a few more days! I’ve also been working more on my upcoming podcast, and a very special series of blogs and videos for Curious Meerkat coming later this year.

I’ve been even more busy in my freelance work, writing several pieces on the Amazon – deforestation, dams and carbon emissions – for Mongabay.

Please don’t forget to send me your questions to answer in my blog posts, and also any comments / suggestions you have for the blog!

Thanks for reading!

January Editorial

I must apologise to anyone who has been trying to visit the Curious Meerkat site recently. I’ve had a nightmare with web hosting migration this month, but I’m pleased to say it’s all finished now and the site is back up and running for good!

In between sorting that out and doing some live gigs, I’ve managed to publish a piece I’ve been wanting to write for ages, clarifying what the word ‘bug’ really means.

Expect loads more content next month!

Ps – I’m also working on some other exciting projects this month in different mediums – watch this space for vlogs and podcasts later this year!

December Editorial

So you might have noticed I missed last month’s newsletter. I’ve been suffering with poor health recently and it slipped my mind to write the editorial, which, I’d forgotten, triggers the newsletter to send. But nevermind, it would have been quite a sparse newsletter anyway. This month I’ve managed to publish the articles I’d hoped to last month, but just didn’t finish in time. I’ve been busy planning lots of new content for 2018, which I’m so excited to tell you about… but all in good time.

October Editorial

Happy Halloween!

This month we’ve had a great guest post from Emily Folk about elephant poaching, entitled: “Why are we so obsessed with Ivory?”.

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