May Editorial

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If you’ve tried to visit Curious Meerkat lately, or have looked on the Twitter or Facebook pages, you might have been wondering what’s going on. That’s because I’ve been taking a little break to re-organise the website slighty. I’ve recently become aware that no matter how diligently you try to adhere to image copyright law, when you search broadly for images you are always at the mercy of the person who uploaded a given image, and trying your best won’t always protect you in the eyes of the law.

So to make sure I avoid any inadvertant copyright infringement, I’ve decided to remove most of the images from the blog. Afterall, I hope it’s the words you come for, not just the pretty pictures. I will continue to use as many images as I can, but only my own, or extremely reputable public domain images (e.g. NASA images). I’m collating a list of ‘safe’ sites. If you have any to contribute, please drop me an email! Or if you have an image of your own you’d like to contribute, that would be gratefully received.

You’ll be pleased to read that Curious Meerkat is back up and running again – expect more articles, including guest posts, over the coming months, as well as daily news articles on the Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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