Cuckolding common in nature, but rare in humans

Fathers can breath a sigh of relief. Although biologists have found cuckolding, where one male unwittingly raises the offspring of another male, is common in animal societies, it appears humans are one of the few exceptions.

A recent review published in Trends in Ecology & Evolution on 5th April claims that across modern and ancient human societies, women tended to be faithful to their partners.

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Can Chickens Change Sex?

Not the most pervasive of suburban legends, granted, but it seems to keep popping up. It goes something like this…

Confused Farmer finds Hen is now Cock
The mature hen, Gertie, who had laid eggs the previous year, suddenly stopped, grew chin wattles and started to crow.

So, can chickens really change sex? – Short answer: NO

The Long Answer

There are a few different explanations for stories such as these, but the important point of all of them is that these apparent sex changes are merely superficial – the hen might be visually and behaviourally male, but she is still unable to fertilise another hen’s eggs. So why does the hen suddenly start crowing? Continue reading