Curious Meerkat Advent Calendar 2016

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Welcome to the final door of your 2016 Curious Meerkat advent calendar.

My Favourite Scientific Discoveries 2016:


  1. Scientists confirmed the existence of gravitational waves, twice.
  2. A new Earth-like Planet, Proxima B, was discovered.
  3. Researchers discovered a new form of light.
  4. I wrote about what asteroid mining might mean for conservation on Earth and beyond.


  1. Scientists developed a technique to freeze carbon dioxide into rock.
  2. Researchers discovered a new state of matter for water.
  3. A new technique for seeing gene expression using MRI was developed.
  4. I wrote about how synthetic biology and nanotechnology can come together to generate new forms of energy.


  1. Scientists used the CRISPR gene-editing tool on humans for the first time
  2. A 400-year old Greenland Shark was named the ‘longest-living vertebrate’.
  3. Researchers revealed the importance of the penis bone in primate evolution.
  4. Scientists confirmed that recent droughts shut down the Amazon Carbon Sink.
  5. A mysterious Ghost Shark was filmed swimming in the Northern Hemisphere.
  6. I wrote about the new field of soundscape ecology, that shows how our natural world is falling silent.

Useful Links for 2017

  • Hoaxy – Visualize the spread of claims and fact checking
  • Ecosia – Plant trees while you search the web

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